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As of now I'm getting prepared for the upcoming alumni homecoming event where I hope to see you all there. Homecoming with be from November 7th - 9th. Me and my committee are planning an awesome tailgate, Saturday of that weekend, to remind you fine gentlemen the way we do it here in boulder. I am also planning on a reunion of the class of 69’ to show the gentlemen of the past, present,and future that this house still stands for the values that it was built for: longevity of brotherhood and commitment to honorable values. I hope I will see you all soon.

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Spring 2018 Alumni Newsletter

Welcome back gentleman to the fall of 2019. The Psi chapter of Phi Kappa Tau has kept itself busy since its timely return to school. We have been focusing on overall brotherhood involvement and outreach into our very own Boulder community. Sko buffs! Big things are in store this year. With a pledge class of 34 fine gentlemen and an active brotherhood of over 110 we will carve the letters PKT onto the flatties themselves. Starting with our pledge class we have a diverse crowd full of promise. A new associate by the name of Jacob McCarthy is a member of the US snowboarding team and has been competing professionally the past 3 seasons. He competes in all five disciplines of snowboarding (Halfpipe, Slopestyle, boarder cross, slalom and giant slalom) but has recently been mainly focusing on racing. He has big hopes to make the US Olympic team when he graduates and has promised the brotherhood to be wearing PKT letters when he is standing on the podium receiving a gold medal. Pledge Rob Latimer is a double major in brother neuroscience and neurochemistry. He hopes to become a brain surgeon after medical school and cure Alzheimer’s, a disease that has had an effect on his own life and the lives of those around him. Pledge Robby Delisle has already made it big in Hollywood (at least bigger than any of us) this past summer he was acting as an extra on some big Hollywood sets. In the newest Adam Sandler movie pay close attention to the background of the restaurant scene, you might just see his face look at the camera by accident. Pledge Jordan Khan keeps his cool and calm demeanor no matter what situation he is in; he is fierce and driven. I won't be surprised if he is running our house in the future or our country one day. My dad always said you need to watch out for the quiet ones, because while everyone else is talking and discussing he is there planning. Jordan will be forced to be reckoned with in the future. 

In the boulder community the Psi chapter of Phi Kappa Tau is known to have a good standing with our neighbors and the charity organizations of our prestigious house. Last semester we had a canned food drive that collected and distributed 1,200 cans of food to hungry families in Colorado. We have gone down to the salvation army and packaged over 800 meals for starving families. This semester, lead by our fantastic community service chair, Daniel Gano, we are expecting to have other fun and charitable events. We are connected through Serious Fund to the local children's hospitals in boulder; we are planning on bringing the whole active chapter there in November to read books, tell jokes, and give gifts to these children that have been through so much. Then right before thanksgiving we are walking from 1150 college avenue to Pearl street to distribute jackets, blankets, and gloves to those less fortunate living on the streets. Daniel Gano is a bright and creative man that spends his free time DJing, studying, and creating new events for our house. He is a great brother and an even better friend.

Our Philanthropy chair, Nick Cable, spent a month in Africa last year building houses, wiring electricity, and building wells for clean water. He's brought that same enthusiasm for philanthropic work to the house. This semester he is planning a joint event with our neighbor’s up the street, PIKE, called “the wing eating extravaganza”. The contestant that eats the most wings in the allotted time frame will receive an exclusive PKT shirt with a champion logo on the back. Big shoutout to the brother that won last year Mr. Taj Shermann. Later in the spring Nick is planning a gala where items will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go to Serious Fund. Other then that Nick is keeping in close contact with the other sorority houses making sure we go to cool events like the “Pi Phi kickball tournament” and the “Kappa puppy party”. He's helping us succeed in more ways than one; If you know what I mean.

Socially we are the best house on the hill. We will have lines around the block for people to have a chance to step into our parties. We are having our biggest party of the semester on Saturday where we are welcoming in “Ricky Retro”; an outstanding DJ that has played at venues like Coachella and Red Rocks. I am incredibly pumped up for it, it will be the party of the year I’m sure. Lead by the party man himself, Rye Overly, he is always planning the next party weeks in advance and setting us up with the best houses for date dashes or mixers. I absolutely love this man, he has a motto “keep them wanting more”. Exactly the kind of attitude our social chair needs to have for this house.

And best for last, there’s me. I am Matthew Heller the Vice President for alumni relations for the Psi chapter of Phi Kappa Tau.

Matthew Heller - Vice President of Alumni Relations

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